During the Host 2019 fair we are proud to offer you for free a practical aluminum bottle as a starting point for a more ecological lifestyle.

Using a refillable bottle instead of plastic bottles allows us to avoid inserting new plastic in a world that is increasingly polluted and suffocated by plastic.

The practice of carrying a water bottle has many eco-sustainability benefits, but also in many other ways; they keep all types of drinks fresh or warm and allows you to take always with you every kind of beverage in a durable, easily washable and pleasantly designed container.

It can also be filled easily in every drink dispenser or drinking water fountain, so you will never run out water and will make you save money even on the cost of water bottles when you are away from home.

Owning a reusable bottle allows us to get into the habit of drinking water regularly, in your free time, at the office and on various occasions, bringing many benefits to our health.

With these water bottles we want to witness our continuous commitment to a less polluted world, and remember you that every change begins also from our everyday choices!