From long time we have been supporting the projects of the association “Goccia dopo goccia

This association manages projects ranging from small community school support, to the construction of houses and bridges, water wells, food and medicine distribution to families in serious difficulties, operating mainly in Thailand, Myanmar and neighboring countries.

The project stems from the idea of ​​some people animated by the spirit of unity and universal brotherhood of the entire human race, without distinction of race, religion or skin color.

After knowing the conditions of the Karen refugees fleeing Myanmar, they began to take charge of their suffering, with the distance adoption of some children of this population that has no territory of its own, a nation of its own.

Weekly they share with us, through photographs, videos and stories about the progresses, the results and the hardships that they live every day in the areas where they operate, making us very involved and attached to the project.

If you want to learn more about their work and contributing to the project: